Political party “SAM” approved for participation in parliamentary snap elections



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — The newly formed political party, Soualiga Action Movement (SAM), has officially been approved by the Electoral Council to participate in the upcoming Parliamentary snap elections scheduled for August 19, 2024. The leadership of SAM was formally notified of this significant milestone via letter, marking the beginning of SAM’s journey towards reshaping the political landscape of St. Martin.

Party leader Franklin Meyers expressed his enthusiasm about this achievement, emphasizing SAM’s commitment to presenting a roster of candidates who have St. Martin at heart and are dedicated to bringing meaningful change. “As I stated before, our country is in dire need of responsible leaders in government. We will therefore put forward a list of highly qualified candidates that are dedicated to bringing this country forward,” Meyers stated.

Meyers, a veteran politician with a strong vision for St. Martin’s future, believes that the key to progress lies in effective governance, well studied policies, and prioritizing the needs of the people. “SAM is dedicated to ensuring that our candidates are not only like-minded but also possess the necessary skills and vision to tackle the challenges facing our nation. Hence the reason for the official SAM slogan, ‘Serious people for serious times.’