Pay Attention to Poets: Political Scientist Introduces New Research Framework for Poetry in Academic Scholarship



Universal Write Publications In an in-depth study of poetical poems as a necessary contribution to fully understanding our race, gender, and identity among minority populations, Dr. Ayo Sekai, a scholar in political science and linguistics, penned A2: A Scholarly Poetical Science Discourse. This text works to operationalize poetry as a qualitative inquiry to push the bounds of multidisciplinary scholarship in Oral History, combining cultural myths, anecdotes, and ancestral memory.

Her work delves into the intersection of poetry as a tool to interrogate political rhetoric, legislative processes, and policy implementation. A2: A Scholarly Poetical Science Discourse focuses on the impact of language cues and tones, weaponized in Dog Whistle politics, that perpetuate marginalization. Her research reveals the intricate calculus of the creative arts’ effect on the sustainability of anti-African racist ideologies, particularly in how they are expressed orally as counter-narratives in both primary and postsecondary academic spaces.

A2 is fused with analytical discourse to interpret, dismantle, and recreate realities while connecting with academic and non-academic spaces,” says Sekai.

By studying scholars who cleared the way for this pioneering research in poetical science, such as Octavia Butler, Derrick Bell, Maya Angelo, and Franz Fanon, Sekai scrutinizes current research approaches that negate and neglect the power poetics among the Black intelligencia in Global Africa. This work bolsters paths fortified by scholars such as Paul Robenson, Du Bois, and Clenora Hudson-Weems, reinforcing this as a framework for rigorous academic research. 

The poetical analysis in this collection explores Black Hair, Police Brutality, and Women’s rights from societal norms and expectations to reproductive rights, immigration, and body dysmorphia. A2: A Scholarly Poetical Science Discourse unveils a tool to interrogate the historically eviscerated treatment of Black identity and pioneers a critical framework for dissecting the multifaceted effects of creative arts and humanities in our educational institutions and learning systems. 

“Sekai skillfully positions poetic activism as a potent nexus of art, literature, storytelling, and philosophical expression of societal worldview’” affirmed Dr. Mohamed S. Camara, Chair of the Department of African Studies at Howard University, adding “A2: A Scholarly Poetical Science Discourse.  a stimulating and innovative approach to the intellectual renewal and celebration of transcendental Africanity.”

 Dr. Sekai’s research provides the framework toward shattering the wall dividing poetry from scholarship, assessing the methodological value of storytelling in the social sciences and validating the lived experiences expressed through the creative arts as revolutionary thought and resistance. 

Copies of A2: A Scholarly Poetical Science Discourse is available for purchase April 2, 2024, wherever books are sold.