Not for Profit Association focused on Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Established in St. Maarten



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten – Today marks a significant milestone in St. Maarten as we proudly announce the establishment of the St. Maarten Association of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Professionals (SXM AGRCP). Comprising seasoned professionals and experts in their respective fields, the SXM AGRCP is poised to redefine industry standards, foster communication, and drive positive change within St. Maarten’s financial landscape.

The SXM AGRCP’s mission is rooted in its commitment to contribute to the further development of St. Maarten as a reputable and well-regulated jurisdiction. By promoting rigorous professional standards and good governance within the business community, the association aims to elevate the standing of St. Maarten on the global stage. Through collaboration with regulators, legislators, and other stakeholders, the SXM AGRCP seeks to advocate for policies that enhance governance, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance, thus improving the foundation for sustainable growth and stability in St. Maarten.

“At the heart of the SXM AGRCP’s vision is the belief that effective governance, robust risk management, and stringent compliance practices are the cornerstones of a thriving financial ecosystem,” said Ms. Kyria Ali, President of the SXM AGRCP. “By providing a platform for professionals to exchange ideas, share insights, and cultivate best practices, we aim to empower our members to drive innovation and uphold the highest standards of integrity while contributing positively to the St. Maarten economy.”

Membership in the SXM AGRCP offers a wealth of benefits for professionals in the governance, risk management and compliance (“GRC”) space. Beyond access to a vibrant network of like-minded individuals both locally and regionally, members will have opportunities for professional growth and development. From exclusive educational resources, training programs and conferences, to mentorship opportunities and thought leadership platforms, the SXM AGRCP is committed to equipping its members with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their careers.

Furthermore, by joining the SXM AGRCP, members become catalysts for positive change within their respective industries. Through active participation in working groups, task forces, and advocacy initiatives, members can directly shape the future of governance, risk management, and compliance practices in St. Maarten.

The Board of the SXM AGRCP include: Kyria Ali, Ryan Croes, Joane Dovale-Meit, Donna-Maria de Roche and Quincy Lont. As the SXM AGRCP embarks on this transformative journey, we extend a warm invitation to all individuals passionate about GRC to join us in our mission; whether you are from the public or private sector, at director, manager or entry level positions, all are eligible. Together, we can create meaningful impact, elevate professional standards, and pave the way for a more resilient and prosperous economy in St. Maarten.

For more information about the St. Maarten Association of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Professionals and how to become a member, please visit