MP Christophe Emmanuel: Alliance utter failure on GEBE continues with no solutions offered 



Leader of the Nation Opportunity Wealth party (NOW) MP Christophe Emmanuel on Tuesday said in a stunning display of hypocrisy and incompetence, the National Alliance MPs have once again demonstrated their utter lack of credibility on the critical issue of GEBE.

“For four long years, while they held the reins of government, they stood idly by as GEBE deteriorated. Now, as members of Parliament, they continue to do nothing. The people of St. Maarten must recognize the truth: the National Alliance has failed them, and their MPs have no solutions, only excuses,” the MP said.

The MP made his statement after National Alliance MP’s in Parliament attempted to lend their voice to the ongoing GEBE debate. He said the National Alliance could not and did not offer a single solution to the GEBE crisis, which should shock no one.

“The National Alliance’s tenure in government was marked by gross negligence towards GEBE. They appointed failed boards to oversee the utility company. These boards were nothing more than puppets in a game of musical chairs orchestrated by the National Alliance-led government. The members of these boards, realizing the farce they were part of, fled as soon as they understood the government’s true intentions. The very former chairman of the board, now running with another party, serves as a testament to the chaotic mismanagement that defined the National Alliance’s governance,” MP Emmanuel said.

He continued: “They have not proposed a single solution to the ongoing crisis. Not one. This is not just a matter of oversight; it is a blatant abandonment of their responsibilities. Their do-nothing status as former ministers and current MPs is cemented by their inaction and lack of leadership. They had the power to make changes, to steer GEBE towards stability, but instead, they chose to watch as the company spiraled into disrepair.”

MP Emmanuel stressed that the people of St. Maarten deserve better. He said they deserve leaders who will take decisive action, who will fight for the stability and sustainability of GEBE. He noted that there were no renewable energy recommendations, or any opinions offered on any kind of long-term vision for St. Maarten’s energy issues.

“The National Alliance MPs have proven time and again that they are not those leaders. Their track record with GEBE is a glaring example. The same can be said for their handling of TelEm, another critical service that has suffered under the National Alliance government,” the MP said.

“It is time to hold the National Alliance MPs accountable. Any attempt by them to comment on GEBE should be disqualified. They should be censored and ashamed for what they have allowed the company to become. Their failure is not just a political issue; it is a failure that affects every citizen of St. Maarten who relies on these essential services. The National Alliance has had their chance, and they have failed spectacularly,” the MP concluded.