URSM Congratulates SAM on Election Readiness

PHILIPSBURG – The Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement (URSM) extends congratulations to the Soualiga Action Movement (SAM) and its leader, Franklin Meyers, for their readiness to contest in the upcoming snap elections scheduled for July 18, 2024.
While URSM remains committed to its distinct vision for the future of St. Maarten, we recognize the efforts of SAM, under its leadership, to address the challenges currently facing our island. As a separate entity with its unique policies and objectives, URSM views the participation of various parties in the electoral process as vital to a healthy democracy and the representation of diverse community perspectives.
“Healthy competition in politics is essential for democracy and provides our citizens with multiple viewpoints to consider,” said the URSM board.
URSM upholds the principles of fairness and inclusivity in the electoral process and supports all efforts ensuring that every eligible party has an opportunity to participate fairly in elections. Our movement remains focused on promoting integrity, transparency, and resilience in our governance, striving for a community where progress and sustainability are at the forefront.
As we approach the elections, URSM encourages all parties, including SAM, to engage in constructive and respectful discourse, focusing on the critical issues that will move our island forward. We look forward to presenting our comprehensive platform to the citizens of St. Maarten and engaging in a campaign that respects the democratic values we all hold dear.