Three KPCN employees arrested in Bonaire



Kralendijk, Bonaire — On Monday morning, May 13, 2024, by order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and in cooperation with  KPCN (BES Police), three employees of KPCN were arrested by the National Criminal Investigation Department. The  employees are suspected of assault and forgery which were allegedly committed while exercising their duties.

The investigation is being conducted by investigators of the National Criminal Investigation  Department. In the interest of the investigation, no further announcements can be made at this time,  while the investigation is ongoing. 

The Public Prosecutor’s Office and KPCN emphasize that integrity violations, especially those that may  involve criminal offenses, will not be tolerated. If any specific signs of such abuses reach us, they will be  investigated and punished where necessary.

KPCN wants to continue to contribute to the safety of  society with integrity and service to its citizens. The Public Prosecutor wholeheartedly supports KPCN in  this.