Dear Editor,

The article dated May 15th, 2024 from Saint Martin News Network titled “Acting head of Landsrecherche removed from position pending investigation” is mindboggling to say the least. That the position officially does not exist and that Ms. Lucy Gachette did not suffer any losses in terms of benefits or salaries,  is one thing. But the mere fact that the Minister of Justice stated that there will be an in-depth investigation into matters threatening the country’s security, is a matter of serious concern.

Although questions were posed to the Minister, he correctly declined to provide more information then that the information had been classified and that those who needed to know, were officially notified. That Ms. Gachette was stripped from her leadership position and was allowed to stay on as an active detective, shows leniency on the part of the Minister. 

The article mentioned that the Minister of Justice said that there has been a breach of security that threatens the country, and since taking office, he was forced to take corrective measures. From such statements one is to derive that something is definitely wrong at the bureau of our National Security Office. That makes me think on the wise words of the legend, the late Dr. Martin Luther King and I quote:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. 
Through his words, Dr. King disposes of the notion that only the people directly affected by any sort of injustice can protest against it.

The fact that Ms. Gachette was not suspended or prohibited to enter the offices, one can assume that it might be a small matter. But even small matters can lead to grave consequences. One can only hope that whatever could be wrong at the bureau of The National Detective, that it does not have any effect on ongoing investigations and/or past investigations. As a suspect can walk out free just on one technicality or just a simple (formal) error. 

Another disturbing point is that according to the Minister, Ms. Gachette lied to him. That makes the matter even more serious because the integrity of Ms. Gachette is now questionable. How trustworthy is the work carried out by Ms. Gachette? If she can lie to her Minister, then one is to wonder how many other lies have been said or written by Ms. Gachette in her investigative reports.

As an ex-Police Inspector himself, we trust that the Minister of Justice will handle this matter appropriately.

Suzy from Down the Road