Lengthy sentences for perpetrators of Old Street area jewelry store robbery



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten – The Court of First Instance has handed down lengthy sentences to two serial perpetrators of an armed robbery that took place in the area of Old Street on December 2, 2023.

In its verdict of Friday, April 26, the Court meted out a 10-year sentence to perpetrator A.H. and a nine-year sentence to his co-perpetrator R.W. The sentences handed down by the Court reflected the demands made by the prosecutor when the case was handled in Court.

The masked two men committed the armed robbery on the jewelry store in Philipsburg in the early afternoon of December 2, 2023. The daring daylight robbery had left one of the victims severely wounded. He was hit on his head with the butt of the hand gun.

The two perpetrators were ordered by the Court to pay the victim a total NAf. 40,463.34 for damages suffered as a result of the attack.

Thanks to community vigilance and the swift reaction of the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM, the two men were apprehended as they fled the scene on foot.

R.W. was apprehended first by pursuing officers on Back Street. A.H. was later captured on Cannegieter Street, close to the Brick Building. Officers confiscated jewelry stolen from the store and a firearm from the men.

A.H. (25) was previously sentenced to nine years in 2018 for another robbery and gun possession. Two weeks prior to the Old Street area robbery, he received yet another sentence for 54 months for carrying a gun and a drug-related crime. R.W. (28) was also sentenced in 2018 to nine years for the same robbery as A.H.

The two men remain behind bars in the Point Blanche Prison.

The Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten OM SXM commends the members of the community who aided in alerting the police about the then in-progress robbery. The commitment and dedication of KPSM officers in this case, as in others, is notable and OM SXM thanks all officers for their role in combating crime and keeping the community safe and secured.