Insight into Comprehensive Reform Measures to Modernize HR-related matters: Emphasis on Short-Term Solutions

CoM in a meeting with Secretaries General and the Chiefs of Staff.​
In a meeting held on Friday, May 10, 2024, the Department of Personnel Affairs & Organization (P&O) outlined a series of reform measures aimed at enhancing public service management under the project titled, ‘It is all about the people’ to the Council of Ministers (CoM).
The initiatives are designed to improve functionality and efficiency within government and fall under the B-measures.
Key aspects of the reforms include the digitalization of the personnel information system to enhance the human resources’ function, improving the management and accessibility of employee data.
Additionally, the establishment of a Mobility and Career Center will support career development and facilitate employee mobility across different government sectors.
Further measures will concentrate on strengthening the capacity of government employees through advanced training programs, supported by the establishment of a dedicated Government Training Center.
Organizational strengthening will also be addressed by revising the function book to ensure roles within the organization are clearly defined and aligned with strategic goals. Moreover, an Employee Engagement Council (EEC) will be established and efforts to reinforce shared values will be intensified.
Eleven priority projects have already been identified for implementation via the Secretaries General platform, with a completion target set for the end of 2025. Progress will be reviewed and reported on a quarterly basis.
Recognizing the potential for lengthy processes in reform implementation, the Prime Minister, Dr. Luc Mercelina, has directed the Department of Personnel Affairs & Organization to prioritize and address at least one challenge every six weeks to ensure swift and effective implementation.
Regular meetings with CoM will be scheduled from mid-June onwards. This is to monitor progress and discuss the implementation of short-term solutions, while longer term initiatives continue to advance.
One of the initial agenda items will focus on the role of P&O, specifically whether it should operate in a centralized or decentralized manner.
As part of the R.I.S.E. (Relationship Building, Insight, Skills, and Empowerment) Onboarding Program, a similar presentation of the project, ‘It’s all about the people’ will also be scheduled for the cabinet staff. The presentation of Friday, May 10, 2024, was
attended by the Secretaries General from the different ministries and the Chiefs of Staff from the minister’s cabinet.