2nd Annual UNESCO St. Maarten Kite Flying Competition



The Sint Maarten National Commission for UNESCO organized a kite flying competition at Little League Baseball Field on March 26, 2024. Schools that participated in the event were MAC Browlia Maillard Campus, Oranje, St. Joseph, and Sr. Borgia School.  At the event, students from these schools flew and showcased original kites. All these schools participate in the UNESCO Wire Bending Program. 

The winner of the kite flying competition was Jeremiah Lambert of the MAC Browlia Maillard. Geovani Berry of Sr. Borgia school placed second, and Rhyleena Taylor of the MAC Browlia Maillard campus was third. Fourth place was Nikeila Walters of Oranje School. 

The criteria the judges used to determine the winner was: the kite’s ability to fly for more than one minute. The kite was neatly constructed according to the blueprint/kite example. The kite was sturdy and did not fall apart.

There was also a creative and attractive kite competition, where the kites had to be innovative, have more than one accessory, and be attractive. Nahla Watson of the MAC Browlia Maillard campus was the winner of this section. Rhyleena Taylor of the MAC Browlia Maillard campus was second, and Peher Aswali of St. Joseph School was third.

Secretary General of UNESCO Marcellia Henry stated, “We want to thank Mr. Lambert Holder and Mr. Kenrick La Touche who taught the students different kite-making techniques and helped to make this event a reality. She also wanted to thank the schools and students for participating in this event and making it successful. The judges, Mr. Noris Richards, and Mr. Emanuel LoBlack, who gave their time to judge the kite flying competition. 

The annual UNESCO kite flying competition is a yearly event to ensure this aspect of St. Maarten’s intangible cultural heritage is revived in the schools and this form of craftsmanship is passed on to the next generation.”