Police Force of Sint Maarten Addresses Easter Weekend Preparations



As the Easter weekend approaches at the end of March, the Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) is gearing up for the anticipated increase in activities across the island. Traditionally, this period sees a surge in events and gatherings, particularly at Mullet Bay Beach, including camping activities.

In anticipation of the influx of visitors to Mullet Bay Beach, KPSM has engaged in discussions with the management of Mullet Bay property owners to address the potential traffic and parking challenges in the area. KPSM would like to announce that an agreement has been reached, ensuring additional parking spaces for beachgoers.

The management of Mullet Bay has made parking space available for patrons utilizing the beach. In addition to the regular public parking lot, extra parking spaces will be accessible behind the Golf Shop at the entrance of Rhine Road. This arrangement aims to alleviate congestion and facilitate a smoother flow of traffic in the vicinity.

It’s important to note that this additional parking arrangement is temporary and specifically designated for the Easter weekend festivities.

However, in light of the existing congestion on Rhine Road leading to Cupe-Coy, we urge visitors to Mullet Bay Beach not to park their vehicles along the roadside. Any vehicle found obstructing the free flow of traffic will be subject to towing. Additionally, we kindly request that individuals refrain from parking on the Golf Course.

The cooperation and understanding of all beachgoers are essential in ensuring a safe and enjoyable Easter weekend for everyone. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these parking guidelines and encourage everyone to enjoy the festivities responsibly.

For further information or inquiries, please contact the Police Force of Sint Maarten@ +172154-22222