In the early hours of Saturday, February 03, 2024, at approximately 4:00 a.m., Central Police Dispatch received several calls reporting a serious accident on Oyster Pond Road. The incident involved a black Yamaha Mio scooter, without a license plate, and a white Nissan Almera.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the Yamaha Mio rider was descending Oyster Pond Road from the direction of Border Bar going towards the French Border. Simultaneously, the driver of the Nissan Almera, with license plate M 13587, was ascending Oyster Pond Road from French Border heading towards Border Bar.

Tragically, just before reaching the aforementioned Bar, the rider of Yamaha Mio rider lost control of the scooter, resulting in a head-on collision with the Nissan Almera. The impact of the collision left the scooter rider with injuries.

The police force of Sint Maarten received several calls concerning this incident, emphasizing the community’s concern and responsiveness to such emergencies.

 Personnel of the ambulance arrived at the scene, providing crucial first aid to the injured rider before rushing him to the St. Maarten Medical Center for further medical attention. The victim sustained a head injury and abrasions to the body, subsequently being admitted to the hospital.

This unfortunate incident marks the second serious scooter accident within the past few days. In light of these events, the police urge everyone to adhere strictly to road safety protocols to prevent such accidents in the future.