National Payment Council Curaçao and Sint Maarten  



Willemstad/Philipsburg –The Centrale Bank van Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) had the  pleasure to welcome several stakeholders to the first National Payment Council (NPC) meeting in Sint Maarten on January 22, 2024, and in Curaçao on January 25, 2024.

Numerous payment  related topics took center stage, including discussions on the Instant Payments system, the  introduction of Master and Visa debit cards, the introduction of Caribbean guilder, and a range  of other noteworthy topics. These focal points were emphasized as key agenda items for  forthcoming meetings.  

The NPC is a platform where payment system policy dialogue takes place between the authorities,  the CBCS and Bureau Telecommunication and Post (BT&P), and stakeholders, securing a fair  representation of the public and private interests involved in payment system activities. It is also  the place where payment service providers (PSPs) and users can voice and discuss their  expectations and challenges, and possibly translate them into new features of the national  payment system.

Therefore, the main objectives of the NPC are: Policy Development, Safety and  Efficiency, Financial inclusion, Interoperability, Stakeholder Collaboration and Education and  awareness. Based on the community’s needs, the NPC annually selects one or more of  aforementioned objectives to address.  

The NPC is chaired by the CBCS and is supported by a secretariat within the CBCS. The NPC meetings will take place at least twice a year. Besides the authorities, membership in the NPC is  limited to a core group of institutions deemed pertinent to specific issues under discussion. 

Institution such as those representing payment service providers, like the Curaçao and Sint  Maarten Bankers Associations and the Curaçao Fintech Association, and institutions representing  users of payment services within the countries, such as government entities, utility companies,  consumers, and business associations, are included.  

The CBCS extends its gratitude to the stakeholders who actively participated in these meetings. CBCS is eagerly looking forward to the next NPC meetings to further enhance collaboration and  achieve a fruitful partnership in advancing the countries’ payment systems.