Island Gems donates tech and art supplies to 721 Kids



PHILIPSBURG — Art and technology are essential to the development of young minds. For this reason, Island Gems Charity Foundation has lent its support to 721 Kids Foundation with a donation of art supplies and computer equipment. 721 Kids caters to young children as well as those who are differently abled.

The all-women foundation gave the center art and crafts supplies to cover a full school year. The group also helped to complete the center’s lab with  10 keyboards, 10 mouses, 2 battery backups, a case of paper and some basic office supplies.

Island Gems is happy to have contributed to the center and ultimately to the country’s children. Support for arts and technology are vital for cognitive thinking and life skills, said Gems Jody Rosen, who assisted Foundation Director Termada Shalland to get all the required supplies.

721 Kids has approximately 52 students enrolled in its classes. The foundation is currently seeking government subsidy to better cater to differently abled children.

Island Gems, created almost 50 years ago, focuses on niche projects. The goal is to fulfil a need in a sustainable way. Projects with a long lasting effect are chosen for funding. No money is given to recipients; products and services are paid for or acquired directly from the vendor. This ensures the money is spent wisely and the needed items reach the intended recipients.

Funding is raised annually at Island Gem’s only fundraising event – a costume gala. This year’s gala is set for Saturday, April 13, at Emilio’s restaurant. The evening’s theme is “A Night at the Museum” and encourages guests to envision themselves as someone or something found in a museum. Guests are advised by Island Gems to think broadly and worldwide as museums are found in every corner of the world.

Tickets for the gala cost US $125 each. Anyone interested in a ticket for the gala can contact any Island Gems member and call + 1 721 553 8372.