~ a boost to our touristic economy ~

As sporting enthusiasts, we all have our particular sport that we are passionate about. One sport may attract more interest than the others, but sports in itself is globally  healthy for the mind and body, as well as enjoyable pastime to all people that follow it.  

How does drag racing impacts your country? 

Drag racing can have various impacts on a country, both positive and negative,  depending on factors such as regulation, infrastructure, and public perception. Here  are some ways in which drag racing can impact a country: 

  1. Economic Impact: 
  • Tourism and Revenue Generation: Major drag racing events can attract  spectators and participants from across the country and even internationally.  This influx of people contributes to local economies by spending on  accommodations, dining, transportation, and other goods and services. 
  1. Infrastructure Development:
  • Investment in Racing Facilities: Hosting drag racing events often requires well equipped and maintained racing facilities. The development and maintenance  of such facilities contribute to infrastructure improvement and job creation in the  region. 
  1. Industry Growth: 
  • Supporting Automotive Industry: Drag racing can stimulate the automotive  industry as enthusiasts invest in high-performance vehicles and aftermarket  parts. This, in turn, can support businesses related to car manufacturing,  modification, and maintenance. 
  1. Community Engagement: 
  • Social and Community Events: Drag racing events can become social  gatherings, fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts. Local car clubs  and organizations may organize related events, creating a network of  individuals who share a common interest. 
  1. Youth Engagement and Skill Development: 
  • Opportunities for Youth: Drag racing provides a platform for young talents  interested in motorsports. Engaging in drag racing at a young age can lead to  skill development and potentially open doors to professional racing careers. 
  1. Marketing and Sponsorship:
  • . Corporate Sponsorship: Successful drag racers often attract corporate  sponsorships, leading to increased visibility for both the racers and the  sponsoring companies. This can have positive effects on the marketing and  advertising industry. 
  1. Environmental Concerns: 
  • Emissions and Environmental Impact: Drag racing, particularly with high performance vehicles, can contribute to environmental concerns such as  increased emissions and noise pollution. Balancing the excitement of drag  racing with environmental sustainability is a challenge that may require  regulation and innovation. 
  1. Safety Considerations: 
  • Safety Measures and Regulations: Due to the high speeds involved in drag  racing, safety is a paramount concern. The impact on public safety and the  need for strict regulations and safety measures must be considered to prevent  accidents and injuries. 
  1. Public Perception: 
  • Cultural and Social Impact: Drag racing can influence the cultural fabric of a  country, especially if it becomes a widely followed and celebrated sport. Public  perception, whether positive or negative, can impact the overall acceptance and  support for drag racing. 

In an article dated August 6th, 2023 and published by titled ‘Dragstrip  Bonaire almost ready for use’ with a picture of the track, see link:, the author states  that while not everyone is enthusiastic about the construction of the track, it fulfills an  important election promise.

Additionally it has highlighted how the track is a necessity  as it decreases illegal racing thus resulting in fewer risks and disturbances for road  users and residents. The hope is that this new dragstrip will help reduce  inconvenience and hazardous behavior on public roads. 

Statia also has designated an area to be used as a racetrack with international  attraction. During the last motorsport event held in Statia, which attracted participants  from the U.S.A., Curacao, Dutch and French Sint Maarten; all accommodations were  booked out.

This clearly shows the love and passion for this sport. An invitation from  the island of Antigua for a similar event in March 2024 is already circulating. 

Here in Sint Maarten, although addressed on many occasions, it is still an unfulfilled  promise. Nevertheless, I will not give up and along with the rest of the motorsport  enthusiasts, will continue to strive towards achieving this dream for a racetrack in Sint  Maarten; something that we are convinced will also boost the tourist economy. We  want to do it the right way. There is a need for our government to determine its policy  position in relation to this sport.

In conclusion, while drag racing can have positive economic and community impacts,  it also requires careful consideration of safety, environmental concerns, and public  perception to ensure sustainable growth and support. Proper regulation and  community engagement are essential for harnessing the positive aspects of drag  racing while mitigating potential negative impacts. Once in office, I will bring all the  different associations under one umbrella and set up a board to focus on studying,  finalizing and executing this dream for the racing, drifting and RC enthusiasts. We will  study which of the proposed locations is best. We will finalize how it will be built and  managed. Then we will execute the building of the drag/drift track. 

Ryan James,
Candidate # 6 on the N.O.W. political party
and contesting the January 11, 2024 parliamentary election.