Sucker Garden St. Maarten — In a commendable move towards promoting quality education, candidate # 9 on the URSM Mr. Julian Rollocks Jr. made a generous donation of ten tablets to MAC CSE High School. This act of philanthropy not only highlights Mr. Rollock’s jr commitment to his community but also demonstrates the growing importance of technology in modern education. By donating tablets to the school, he has undoubtedly enhanced the students’ access to information.
These devices provide a wealth of educational resources, including e-books, interactive learning apps, and online research materials. The donation will assist in helping students to easily access a vast array of information while also allowing them to explore and learn beyond the confines of traditional textbooks.
Mr. Rollocks Jr. would like to make it clear that his generous donations are just a small part of his continued community outreach initiatives. In December of 2016, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School received tablets from Mr. Rollocks Jr. which allowed the students to learn and familiarize themselves with technology and prepare them for digital innovations of the future.
While many politicians are competing to see who has the biggest election billboards, Mr. Rollocks Jr. believes that the biggest competition should be with assisting our students with tangible assets that will ultimately enhance their futures. The generous acts of Mr. Rollocks Jr. towards our schools is a powerful step towards promoting quality education.
By enhancing access to information, fostering digital literacy, providing personalized learning experiences, and bridging the digital divide, Mr. Rollocks Jr.’s initiative has the potential to positively impact the lives of countless students and empower them for a brighter future.