Governor appoints Dr. Nilda Arduin and Drs. Candia Joseph as informateurs



Harbour View – Governor Ajamu Baly requested Dr. Nilda Arduin and Drs. Candia Joseph RO EMIA to accept an assignment as informateurs, as a result of the outcome of the January 11, 2024 elections, the consultations held with the Governor from Friday January 12th to Monday January 15th and the preliminary agreement on political cooperation signed by the 8 elected members of the Unified Resilient St. Maarten Movement, Democratic Party, Party for Progress and Nation Opportunity Wealth. 

The Governor requested Dr. Arduin and Drs. Joseph to take the following points into account in research with various actors in and outside the Parliament of Sint Maarten regarding the formation of a government and the governing program to be implemented by that government:

  • construction of the prison;
  • Monitoring the progress of the reconstruction processes, the mutual arrangements between the Netherlands and Sint Maarten and the implementation of the National Package;
  • The legal position of civil servants and the building of sufficient substantive and formative capacity in the government (including by paying attention to good employment conditions, sufficient growth of new talent and attention to the St. Maarten diaspora, in addition to opportunities for sufficient personal growth of government employees, both in horizontal and vertical sense);
  • Economic resilience, also in the longer term;
  • Healthcare, also in the longer term;
  • The governance of public companies.
  • Additionally the informateurs have been requested to involve all relevant stakeholders in the information process and to submit their report by Friday February 2, 2024The sustainability of public finances, including in connection with the reliability of collection and the simplification of the tax system;
  • Law enforcement, in particular the imbalance in the enforcement chain and the new