Carib Swim Team shines in 2023 Competitions Abroad- Minister drs. Samuel Congratulates Team on Regional Success.



Cole Bay, – The Carib Swim Team (CST) has, since the start of the season, made huge accomplishments abroad.

During the first week of November, a contingent of talented swimmers from the Carib Swim Team participated in the Aruba Dolphins Invitational, an event that provided a platform for young athletes to compete at an international level. ProPhysio SXM, generously sponsored accommodation for the team, ensuring that financial constraints did not hinder their participation.

“Our commitment to supporting youth development and sports excellence is unwavering. We are proud to have sponsored the Carib Swim Team and congratulate all the students for their outstanding achievements at the Aruba Dolphins Invitational,” said Peter Prinsen, founder of ProPhysio SXM.

Congratulations are in order for the swimmers Declan Boyd, Iejaelin Richardson, Kimaia Stephen, Pepijn Vriezen, Simon Creusot and Jaylin Martiens, many of whom surpassed their personal best records and acquired valuable experiences. Caithlyn Challenger, Saphire Thompson, and Joey Schwartz emerged as notable medalists, with Joey and Saphire achieving top-three positions in earning the most points within their respective age categories, earning them coveted trophies.

Following this success, a second group of CST Swimmers traveled to Curaçao for the Sigfried Fransisco Invitational in mid-December. Also representing St. Maarten were the Dolphins and the Super Splash swim teams. The groups showed excellent camaraderie and sportsmanship, making the meet a vibrant and exciting experience for all with opportunities to learn from each other and share the unique experience of representing the island internationally.

The talented swimmers representing CST at the event were Brandon Girier Dufournier, Lois Geerdink, Philip Chang Sing Pang, Kjeld van der Meer, Aiyana Bourne, Adaya Bourne, and Nihal Chugnani. Each of these participants competed in top 10 positions with Adaya Bourne receiving a well-deserved trophy for securing the second-place position in the best swimmer category within her age group.

Upon returning home, the CST Swimmers were welcomed at the airport by the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. Honorable Minister drs. Samuel graciously shared encouraging words with the swimmers, applauding their dedication and achievements in representing St. Maarten on the regional stage.

This successful venture not only showcased the prowess of the CST, Dolphin, and Super Splash Teams but also highlighted the community spirit and support that played a pivotal role in their accomplishments. As CST continues to foster a culture of sportsmanship and achievement, the team looks forward to more opportunities to showcase the hard work of our athletes in future competitions.