Sucker Garden, St. Maarten —
In January of 2023, URSM candidate #9 Mr. Julian Rollocks Jr. initiated a computer literacy and training program at his headquarters in Sucker Garden. The oversubscribed computer training sessions, which consisted of children, young adults, and senior citizens, culminated last week after nearly a year in operation.

Mr. Rollocks Jr. realized that offering computer training would offer its participants an invaluable opportunity to explore and develop entrepreneurship opportunities, as well as contribute to their economic empowerment and future financial stability. Furthermore, Mr. Rollocks Jr. also perceived that people who are computer literate can participate actively in local projects, utilize online resources for community development, and close the digital divide in their society.

Lastly, his vision entailed a plan to enhance the acquisition of computer skills that would improve an individual’s quality of life by providing them with access to online financial resources, healthcare data, government services, and more. Mr. Rollocks Jr. would like to thank Ms. Ashma Berkel, Ms. Shanika Gario, and the general public who were all very instrumental in the realization of the computer literacy and training program over the last year.

Mr. Rollocks Jr. vows to continue working in the best interest of the people of St. Maarten once elected to office on January 11th, 2024.