GEBE continues its indiscriminate action of disconnections, while the government looks on in silence



“I want to remind the community that it is nearly 2 months ago, that the Prime Minister was in parliament to respond to questions from members of parliament regarding GEBE”.

This meeting was the result of a request by the members of parliament Wescot-Williams, Heyliger-Marten and Emmanuel.

These members requested an urgent public meeting due to the ongoing issues surrounding GEBE, especially where the billing of consumers was concerned, stated MP Wescot.

“It was not too long before that meeting that the minister of VSA was in the media announcing that he had secured an agreement with GEBE for a payment plan, while on the other hand, the Prime Minister was admonishing persons to pay their bills, a total lack of coordination.”

Questions by members of parliament about the inconsistencies of GEBE where it pertains to billing and collection were left unanswered. In fact, the “urgent” public meeting of parliament is yet to continue, the MP stated.

GEBE announced recently that as it is updating its administration, customers should expect bulks of bills simultaneously.

“With all this going on and the government mum on the many issues plaguing GEBE, the population is again confronted with disconnection notices in the local media. This understandably leading to much anxiety in persons who have not yet paid up all outstanding”.

“Will they too be cut off? Did GEBE ever entertain a payment plan for consumers? Who are being cut off?”

At this time of the year, does our electricity company think this is good corporate behavior?

Yes, GEBE might be in need of money, but there are so many wasteful acts, such as court penalties that can be avoided.

It also begs the question whether government has its ears to the ground and understands the plight of the population, the MP stated.

“It’s easy to say “if you have not received your bills, put money aside for when you do receive these”, but in an environment where too many of our people live from day to day, it’s unrealistic and uncaring to even suggest so”.

MP Wescot-Williams