Former head cashier sentenced for fraud 



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (OM) – The Court of First Instance in Sint Maarten has sentenced a former civil servant for fraud. The woman, who worked as a head cashier for almost two decades, was found guilty of diverting a significant amount of cash paid by individuals utilizing government services.

The Court has sentenced L.M. to 240 hours of community service on December 14, 2023. In addition, she received a one-year suspended jail sentence and a three-year probation. The sentence comes with special conditions, including treatment at Turning Point Foundation. She is also required to repay the more than US $115,000 siphoned from the public purse.

The fraudulent activities took place from May to August 2022.

The investigation into this case was conducted by the National Detectives (Landsrecherche), with the guidance of the Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten. The National Detectives specialize in investigating criminal activities within the government, with a particular focus on civil servants.