The Central Voting Bureau is pleased to announce the schedule for Postulation Day, Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023, at the House of Parliament.



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Postulation Day, representatives or deputy representatives from each political party will formally submit their candidate lists to the Central Voting Bureau. To facilitate an orderly process, each party has selected a specific time slot for submission, as listed below. Each party is urgently requested to arrive on time.

The venue for these activities, the Legislative Hall in the House of Parliament, has been prepared to accommodate candidates and supporters accompanying their party. The public tribune, with a seating capacity of 42, will host candidates and their supporters, while the lobby area will welcome an additional 20 persons.

The total occupancy of 62 persons is a measure to ensure the safety of all persons. The KPSM will be present to maintain orderly conduct.

Only the (deputy) representative of the political parties to the Central Voting Bureau and/or a candidate (e.g. a party leader or another desired candidate) will be allowed beyond the point of the public tribune to approach the Central Voting Bureau to submit the list of candidates and give a speech in the event he/she desires.

In consideration of the limited space and to facilitate a seamless transition between parties, interviews with political leaders and/or party candidates by the media will not be permitted inside the House of Parliament.

Media representatives are advised to arrange interviews in alternative locations.

The Central Voting Bureau anticipates a successful and orderly Postulation Day and appreciates the cooperation of all political parties, supporters, and media in complying with these guidelines.

Postulation day will be transmitted live via links on the following platforms:​

  • YouTube channel: Sint Maarten Parliament and Government of Sint Maarten
  • Facebook page: SXMGOV and SXMPARLIAMENT
  • SXMGOV Radio Station: 107.9 FM
  • via the media page​
Time Political party
1.  09.00 – 09.20hrs PFP
2.  10.30 – 10.50hrs USP
3.  11.00 – 11.20hrs NA
4.  11.30 – 11.50hrs ECE
5.  13.30 – 13.50hrs N.O.W.
6.  14.00 – 14.20hrs UP
7.  15.00 – 15.20hrs URSM
8.  15.30 – 15.50hrs DP