St. Maarten is reaping its fruits after years of negligent governing

Leader of the US party Mrs. Pamela Gordon


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Country Sint Maarten is reaping its fruits after years of negligence in tackling the root problems of this country’s downfall. 

Years of turning a blind eye to the high level of despair that people in this country live in; Years of negligence of proper youth involvement within the development of this country, and lack of price control are some of the ailments that, if continued or aren’t properly addressed, will be this country’s downfall, said leader of US party Pamela Gordon-Carty.

Another sad day in Sint Maarten is due to negligence in taking mental health seriously. The poor mental state of many individuals walking around is on a rise. In addition, many young people feel excluded in their own country, they feel hopeless, and some turn to drugs in order to cope with daily challenges. 

Fighting among the youth is also on the rise. Due to low levels of tolerance, they are simply mimicking what they see around them. Morals are at its lowest, while individuals within society bash and suppress each other for self-satisfaction. Suicides and homicides have increased. Domestic and child sexual abuse are on the rise, while the elderly try to survive on their meagre pensions. Families can’t afford to by nutritious food, yet we are not making a move to improve overall living conditions for everyone by doing the right thing. 

The “right thing” involves: price control, stimulating agriculture and healthy eating practices, categorized tax incentives for our local and other businesses, just to name a few.

What is happening in Sint Maarten? Are we blind to people’s suffering? Have we become so desensitized? Do we really care for each another, or is this just another soap story with the same sad ending?

Country Sint Maarten, there is much to be done. We need to start at the root of the problems, otherwise we will never get these matters solved.

The children are crying for help; youth are crying for attention; the elderly are screaming for our help; the unemployed, homeless and abused are begging for help. Has Country Sint Maarten become blind, deaf and dumb to things right in front of its face?

“The Louis Vuitton outlets on our island are not gonna feed the hungry, are not gonna help the depressed, nor is it gonna assist with the high food prices,” lamented Gordon-Carty. 

The countless problems that Sint Maarten is experiencing today are years of working without a proper plan, prioritizing the wrong things, and an inadequate problem-solving approach to the root of the issues. 

It’s time to break the cycle of negligence and talk about solutions. Country Sint Maarten is 40 years further down the rabbit hole because of empty promises. 

Gordon-Carty said she is looking forward to that one day when we all truly will just solely focus on the wellbeing of Country Sint Maarten and its citizens. We must hold one head as we selflessly stimulate a better Sint Maarten for everyone.