Sint Maarten community fights back GEBE

L to R - Mr. Terence Jandroep and Mr. Gromyko Wilson


PHILIPSBURG, SINT MAARTEN — After receiving numerous verbal and social media complaints about the harsh collection method of GEBE and taking into account that there is no active “Consumers League” in Sint Maarten, Mr. Gromyko Wilson approached a local independent consultancy firm, (Prudential Tax Services), specialized in International Corporate Standards Auditing with the petition to prepare a “community” pilot case against the collection policies and procedures of GEBE.

This is the first time a “Community legal claim” will be filed against a Federal Institution in a matter related to their collection method in the Dutch Kingdom.

It is no secret that GEBE was victim to cyber hacking and an administrative chaos manifested itself thereafter. A conducted study shows that various complaints emphasize:

1) Unbearable financial burden
2) No payment flexibility
3) Paid bills don’t appear in GEBE’s Administration due to alleged backlog
4) Violating human rights to life
5) Systematic and gradually forcing the community into poverty
6) Uncontainable execution of totalitarian power
7) Immeasurable monopolistic market power
8) Inhumane Power and Water disconnections
9) Reluctance to give any explanation related to customers double payments
10) Bank payments made, not registered by GEBE

After deliberating with the external Colombian Certified Risk Auditor  Mr. Terence Jandroep, Prudential Tax Services decided to combine  forces with more experts in the ISO Standards, namely the Dutch firm Smart-Ondernemen.  Mr. Wilson, as a concerned citizen, and vigilant of questionable practices against the community of Sint Maarten, is the Power House behind this project.

Why Prudential Tax Services (PTS)?
Prudential Tax Services is a fast growing “Boutique Style” Consulting firm with expertise in Accredited and Recognized International Corporate Standards, with support of a Certified Risk Analyst that navigates the Risks perimeters thoroughly to detect any blind corners in the accepted engagements. The firm is an independent and impartial body with no existing conflict of interest conditions which are fundamental components to determine the suitable Consultancy firm to address such a sensitive case at National level.

The pilot case is to determine if GEBE is compliant and adhere to the Best Known Practices, Good Governance, Due Process and Practical Judgment guidelines in their collection approach using ISO (International Standard Organization) formats to determine and measure the financial impact derived from the Supremacy position of GEBE. ISO is a Worldwide recognized Corporate Standard which certifications represent a stepping stone for global corporate excellence , that GEBE currently does not possess.

Pilot case objective Phase 1:
-To outline any questionable practices by GEBE by placing the Internal Procedure “Collections”  under a microscopic scrutiny from an  external  impartial body perspective,
-To  measure and determine the impact range in the Sint Maarten community’s financial position, establish the users’ financial displacement  and represent the victims hereof in proceedings if necessary.

Pilot case objective Phase 2 as a secondary action:
-To determine the financial damage of the Sint Maarten Community caused by the questionable practices by GEBE and represent the victims in the collection procedure to obtain the Court’s approved entitlement for Damages.

Registrations will start Monday 13 of November 2023 at Prudential Tax Services Office in Backstreet 166 from:
Monday through Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Maximum 500 GEBE users.

The following information MUST be brought for the community complain registration for correct portfolio classification :

1) Valid ID (ID, Drivers’ license or Passport)
2) Last 3 Salary slips 2023 (measurement of current purchase power)
3) Last Salary slip 2020 (measurement of past purchase power)
4) GEBE bill discrepancies(Errors and Omissions) in balances
5) Bank payment effected not applied by GEBE
6) GEBE alleged New balance confirmations
7) Administrative Costs, Case Management and Representation $ 60 per person

A United Sint Maarten community has the opportunity to take a stand!