Heyliger-Marten pays courtesy visit to Cuban Ambassador to Guyana, discusses areas of potential cooperation



While attending the “Second Annual AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum” (ACTIF2023) in Georgetown, Guyana, Member of Parliament Grisha Heyliger-Marten paid a courtesy visit to Cuban Ambassador to Guyana, the Hon. Jorge Francisco Soberon Luis.

During the courtesy visit by MP Heyliger-Marten the Cuban Ambassador explained the active role that the Cuban Government plays within CARICOM and the wider region in terms assistance to- and cooperation with the different Governments. “Of particular interest to St. Martin could be the work that Cuba does in the areas of agriculture and public health”, Heyliger-Marten said in a press statement released on Tuesday evening.

The Cuban Government has several cooperation agreements with Guyana and other CARICOM countries in these and other policy areas. During our meeting, I informed Ambassador Soberon Luis of the recent establishment of Parliament’s Permanent Committee for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Husbandry (CAFAH), and its bigger context. He welcomed the initiative and indicated that his Government was willing to work together with that of St. Martin in this area with support and advice”, according to Heyliger-Marten.

We also discussed the matter of medical referrals and health care specialists being accredited to work in St. Martin. Here also, the Ambassador indicated to be open to collaborate with St. Martin as far as healthcare is concerned based on the high level of healthcare in Cuba.

Another matter discussed was St. Martin’s position and relationships within the Kingdom and the region. According to Heyliger-Marten, Ambassador Soberan Luis indicated that he was well aware of the ongoing issues within the Dutch Kingdom and that his Government is following the situation closely. “During the meeting, it was agreed that my office would send him relevant additional information about the developments within the Kingdom. All in all, it was a very informative meeting, and it again confirmed that parties outside of the Kingdom are open and willing to assist St. Martin in different areas. We have multiple options for cooperation and assistance within the region and outside of the Kingdom. It is up to us to make use of those opportunities as vehicles to move the development of our nation forward”, Heyliger-Marten concluded.