Freegan Food Foundation’s 5th Anniversary Festival: An Evening of Celebration, Sustainable Fashion Show and Raffle Extravaganza



Freegan Food Foundation, a trailblazer in the fight against food waste, proudly announces its 5th-anniversary fundraising festival, an evening set to celebrate half a decade of impactful work and inspire continue support for the organization’s mission.

Join us on November 25 between 5PM and 9PM at our Headquarters on Long Wall Road (next to the sports auditorium) for a memorable night featuring a mouthwatering sustainable BBQ, live entertainment, and a chance to make a difference through our exciting raffle extravaganza.

This milestone event not only commemorates Freegan’s journey, but also amplifies our commitment to a future where no edible food nor used clothing and household items goes to waste.

The Festival will showcase a sustainable Fashion Show, with models straight from the community, highlighting the treasures you can find in Freegan’s own thrift store. Guests will enjoy an evening where children can get face painted (and adults too!), donated by Funtopia, and where performances of National Institute of the Arts and the Tribute Troupe promise to make this an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

As part of the celebration, guests will have the opportunity to participate in our raffle extravaganza, featuring exciting prizes generously donated by local businesses and supporters. Raffle proceeds will directly contribute to the Freegan Food Foundation’s ongoing efforts to rescue surplus food, feed those in need and advocate for positive change in the food industry.

“This festival is not just a celebration; it’s a call to action,” emphasizes Joost de Jong, managing director of the foundation. “By joining us, you’re not only supporting our past achievements but also becoming a vital part of our future initiatives.”

There is no cover charge, and everyone is welcome to join the festival. 

If you are interested in contributing to the fundraising efforts, or participate in the raffle, you can start buying your tickets at Freegan’s Headquarters (Walter Nisbeth road 89, entrance on Long Wall Road) for USD 10 each, there will be over 40 prices to win, varying from gift baskets, to vouchers for several restaurants and weekend overnight stays at various luxurious hotels on St. Maarten. For more information please WhatsApp 5807174.