Dear Editor,

In the Daily Herald of Thursday, August 12th, 2021 an elaborated article was dedicated to the Carbon Grove Estates in Cole Bay. The article with title Developer of Carbon Grove ordered to deliver apartments, mentioned two separate summary proceedings, whereby the Court of First Instance ordered Melbon Enterprises to deliver the rights to three apartments in Carbon Grove Estates in Cole Bay. The Judge describes the case as ‘all time low’, it reads. The Court stated that Carbon’s course of action resembles a so-called “Ponzi” scheme. 

According to different media houses, on Wednesday, November 8th, 2023 searches were conducted at four locations connected to a suspect in a fraud and money laundering case named “Koruna”. The searchers were conducted at premises connected to suspect D.C. a project developer. Some media houses have mentioned the full name of the suspect. 

It is a known fact that many of the victims in this case filed complaints with the Police Force of Sint Maarten, same KPSM, back to 2021 and have been waiting for the actual action. Many of the victims have heard that the suspect made plans to leave the island and later heard that the suspect actually did leave the island over a year ago. No actions were taken to stop the suspect from leaving the country. The detectives at the Fraud Department at KPSM were notified of the suspect plans. Still no actions were taken. Even when the judge’s opinion of the case was made public, still no action. Based on the aforementioned we can only conclude that the suspect was permitted to flee the country.

Who are the KPSM detectives trying to fool with the conducted searches? What are the KPSM detectives expected to find to incriminate the suspect? This is a joke! The entire population and more so the victims are all aware that the suspect left the island with his entire family and are living in an elite area in the U.S.A. At what point and time will the suspect be extradited back here to face the crimes he committed?

All criminal investigations are conducted under instructions from the Public Prosecutor. More and more it is said that criminal charges are filed at the Fraud Department, but are seemingly sobbed under a rug as no action is taken and criminals go unpunished for crimes committed. It makes one wonder what the process is and where it goes wrong. This is quite worrisome to say the least.

Suzy from Down the Road.