Sint Maarten Police Force Addresses Recent Incidents Involving Minors



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) is deeply concerned about several recent in incidents involving minors in our community. On the evening of October 12th, 2023, around 20:00 pm, Central Dispatch received several distressing calls reporting a group of young boys engaged in destructive behavior, throwing rocks and causing damage to a hotel located on Bush Road and other businesses in the area.

Responding to the situation, officers patrolled the area and encountered a group of young men near Roses Road. Upon spotting the police, they attempted to flee, seeking refuge in the nearby bushes. Following a brief search, officers apprehended two individuals, both minors aged 12 and 13 years old. When approached by the officers, these young men became confrontational and attempted to engage in physical altercation.

The Sint Maarten Police Force reminds parents and guardians of their crucial role in curbing the unruly behavior of minors. The parents of the apprehended minors were contacted and requested to appear at the Philipsburg police station. At the station, they were informed about their legal responsibilities and the potential consequences of their children’s actions. It was emphasized that parents can be held liable for the actions of their minor children.

After a thorough discussion, both minors were released into the custody of their parents, with a stern warning about the need for responsible parenting and guidance. The Sint Maarten Police Force urges all parents to be vigilant, engage with their children, and actively participate in instilling positive values within them.