NV GEBE Provides an Educational Tour of the Water Quality Control Lab to MLK School Students



NV GEBE organized an enriching field trip today for students from Martin Luther King (MLK) School. A group of 26 students, accompanied by two teachers, had the opportunity to visit NV GEBE’s state-of-the-art water quality control lab. During the visit, the students were given an in-depth understanding of the water testing process and were actively involved in sampling and conducting water tests themselves.

The aim of this educational tour was to provide the MLK School students with a hands-on experience and enhance their knowledge of water quality control. NV GEBE prides itself on promoting environmental awareness and engaging with the local community, particularly by educational initiatives.

As part of the tour, Diangelo Remy, Micro Biologist from NV GEBE, guided the students through the different phases of water testing, emphasizing the significance of maintaining high-quality water standards. The students received valuable insights into science and environmental conservation, which helped them to cultivate their interest in these areas.

Paula Gordon, Corporate Communication Officer, NV GEBE, expressed her excitement about organizing the tour, stating, “We believe in empowering the youth with knowledge, and this tour was a perfect opportunity to engage with the MLK School students. By exposing them to our water quality control lab, we hope to inspire their curiosity about the importance of clean water and environmental sustainability.”

The MLK School teachers also expressed their gratitude for the informative and interactive tour. They mentioned that this experience would immensely benefit their students, as they could directly observe the processes involved in water testing and gain a practical understanding of scientific principles.

NV GEBE remains committed to educating future generations about the significance of water quality control and environmental protection. By engaging with schools and providing such educational opportunities, the company takes a proactive approach in fostering environmental awareness and encouraging young minds to make a positive impact in their communities.

For more information about NV GEBE and its educational initiatives, please contact the Corporate Communication Officer at gordon.paula@nvgebe.com.