NV GEBE Announces Construction of Parking Facility to Benefit Employees and Local Community

Artist Rendition of parking lot  


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — NV GEBE is currently constructing a new parking lot at the former Main Building on Cannegieter Street in Philipsburg. This parking facility will cater to its staff and benefit the local community.  This initiative also aims to alleviate traffic congestion on Cannegieter Street and ensure the safety of children attending the Oranje School.  

In recent reports, the Windward Islands Teacher’s Union (WITU) raised concerns regarding the traffic congestion along Cannegieter Street, which seriously threatens the safety of students, staff, teachers, and pedestrians. This major issue was further compounded by motor vehicles, causing an impediment to the traffic flow surrounding NV GEBE’s offices and resulting in major traffic delays, particularly during school hours.  

“This unfortunate situation has put the safety of teachers and students at risk for years. However, it has not gone unnoticed, as I have personally observed dedicated teachers and staff risking their own safety to ensure that students safely board the buses and their respective means of transportation.  Safely crossing a street to get to/from school should be the least of the children’s concerns. Rather, their minds should be fully focused on their education,” shares Troy Washington, Temporary Manager, NV GEBE.

“We take the safety of students and our community very seriously. As a responsible corporate citizen, NV GEBE felt compelled to take action and contribute towards a viable solution to assist the bus drivers, schools, students, and the community at large to protect the safety of our future, the children.”  

Consequently, in a joint effort to provide a sense of safety and security to the students of Oranje Primary School, NV GEBE has allocated spaces for the school buses to park. This unprecedented initiative would also serve to alleviate the traffic congestion in that area, as buses will be able to park off the main road and wait in NV GEBE’s parking lot, thereby enhancing the safety of students during the on/off-boarding.  

Arrangements are being made with Oranje School to coordinate this joint effort with the respective authorities and bus drivers. The community is urged to slow down and be more mindful of the buses, teachers, and students crossing the streets.  

The construction of the parking facility is expected to be finished within the next two weeks. NV GEBE would like to express its appreciation to the local community and relevant authorities for their continued support and understanding as we finalize the construction. The company is committed to minimizing any inconvenience during the process and maintaining open communication channels.

NV GEBE is willing to explore other beneficial solutions in this collaborative community effort to protect the safety of the staff, teachers, and students of Oranje Primary School.  

For further information, please contact Paula Gordon at gordon.paula@nvgebe.com.