“I AM THE CHANGE NOW: Kelron Says”

Kelron Bellot 


~ NOW Manifesto Launch October 10th, 2023.

In a stirring declaration of determination and a rallying cry for a brighter future, Kelron Joshua Prince Bellot has stepped forward as the voice of change for the youth of Sint Maarten. With a resounding “I AM THE CHANGE NOW,” Bellot has ignited a movement aimed at addressing the longstanding issues that have left the youth of the nation feeling sidelined and unheard.

Bellot, a proud son of Dutch Sint Maarten, delivered a passionate address that resonated with the challenges faced by the young population. His vision for a better Sint Maarten is built on pillars of education, employment, and empowerment, with a focus on giving young people the opportunities they deserve.

One of the cornerstones of Bellot’s vision is a revamp of the education system. He recognizes the need for globally recognized educational standards on the island, ensuring that the youth of Sint Maarten have access to high-quality learning opportunities that can compete on an international scale.

Addressing the crucial issue of job opportunities and security, Bellot is committed to creating a thriving environment for young talent on the island. This includes fair wages and robust support for educators, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping the future.

In a bold move, Bellot emphasizes the importance of youth involvement in policy-making. He advocates for the inclusion of young voices in the decision-making process, creating a platform where their concerns and ideas can shape the future direction of Sint Maarten.

Affordable housing, an often-overlooked necessity, is a key aspect of Bellot’s agenda. He envisions a policy that ensures young people can attain independence by having a place to call their own, breaking free from the trend of living with parents until the age of 30.

Bellot also stresses the need for revisions to labor laws, aiming to prevent discrimination against those deemed “overqualified.” He believes in unlocking the full potential of every young person on the island.

Beyond these practical measures, Bellot recognizes the importance of fostering patriotism and pride in being Sint Maarteners. He envisions recreational facilities, skills training programs, and short courses that equip young people with the tools they need to succeed.

As a testament to his commitment, Bellot is not merely promising change; he’s embodying it. He acknowledges the disillusionment of the youth with past governments and is determined to demonstrate that action speaks louder than rhetoric.

“I know young people aren’t perfect,” Bellot declares, “but we are the best chance Sint Maarten’s future has!”

In his closing statements, Bellot extends his representation to every marginalized group and every issue that needs addressing. He positions the NOW party as the catalyst for change, a party that values representation and seeks to provide concrete solutions.

Sint Maarten, Bellot asserts, has the potential to be a beacon for the Caribbean in its development through Nation, Opportunity, and Wealth. With a resounding call that “THE TIME IS NOW,” Kelron Bellot is ready to represent and lead, steering Sint Maarten toward a future defined by progress and inclusivity.

Kelron Bellot