Even if it means copying, get it done for the right reasons!



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The board of the US party has taken note that all the issues that our leader Pamela Gordon-Carty has raised, and been championing have become common topics with other political parties playing the copy-cat game. They are unaware of the many pieces that must come together to form the whole topic in the USP plan. 

  1. USP has emphasized agriculture as another source of income; all of a sudden everyone has jumped on the bandwagon of agriculture without really having a plan in place, which the USP has made available, on many occasions, to this sitting government.
  2. USP has been training its candidates. Now, all other parties are following suit and are even pretending as if they are doing it in the interest of the well-being of the people.
  3. USP, through its leader, has presented laws that directly affect the people positively. Now we are hearing that other parties are claiming they presented laws, but laws to suit whom? The question remains why hasn’t this government reviewed the laws for the prevention of children sexual abuse, and prosecution of the offenders?
  4. USP, through its leader, stated that pensioners should not be taxed. Now we are hearing that this is in the pipeline.
  5. USP, through our leader, is advocating for libraries in all districts. Now we hearing all sorts of library projects popping up.
  6.  Previously, US-appointed Minister Pamela Gordon-Carty presented a law in 2020 to better increase employment placement for our people, thus creating better opportunities for employment. What did this government do? They withdrew the law stating that there was something better for the people, while still signing off on work permits. This means not attending or considering the poverty level or high unemployment rate. This seems to be only be a well-known topic during election time.
  7. Our leader has been advising to perform audits of the different government-owned companies to better evaluate the financial status of each, in order to better determine ways of moving forward. However, there has been no hearing on this advice. The reality is that the lack of transparency is causing this country’s growth and well-being to become stagnant.

It’s clear that by all means political parties will try to copy-cat because this has never been about being original or bringing effective solutions to existing issues in this country, or even making sure that in one way or the other they can contribute to the enhancement of the country’s people.

USP has been working according to their country plan, which is divided into steps towards making a better Sint Maarten and better opportunity enhancements for the people of this country.

For the USP it will never be about competing. USP will continue to execute its plan accordingly in the best interest of the people, for the people, with the people and by the people.