URSM Wever propose predators listing to prevent individuals with history of sexual misconduct from  working directly or indirectly with minors 

Christopher Wever


Philipsburg, St. Maarten, – The recent verdict in the child molestation case has sent  shockwaves through St. Maarten, and today, Mr. Christopher Wever, Candidate of the Unified Resilience St. Marten  Movement (URSM), has stepped forward to address the concerns surrounding this unsatisfactory outcome. 

Wever said that as a parent, he reserves the right to express his disappointment with the leniency of the recent  judicial ruling in the child molestation case, highlighting the need for stronger punitive measures to deter potential  sexual offenders and protect the rights of children victims. 

Mr. Christopher Wever, a former Minister and Deputy Leader of URSM, expressed deep concern over the  widespread of sexual misconduct cases in St. Maarten. He acknowledged that such cases occur far too frequently  and called for immediate and stringent action to address this critical issue. 

Wever emphasized that the safety and well-being of children should be high priority for the Government and  Parliament of St. Maarten and not the political land mines seen, as of recent on the social media platforms to ensure that they hold office, post-elections. 

“These unlawful acts should be treated with the highest priority, and it is incumbent upon the Government of St.  Maarten to implement preventative measures and campaigns. There should also be a dedicated facility to assist the  victims and those sexual predators to allow them the opportunity to break the cycle,” Wever added. 

Citing alarming statistics, Christopher highlighted that many perpetrators of such crimes were once victims  themselves. He proposed the establishment of a predators listing to prevent individuals with a history of sexual  misconduct from working with our children, thereby minimizing the risk of such cases occurring in the future.  “Preventative care is paramount,” Wever emphasized. 

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of proper counseling and mental health support to ensure that survivors  receive the care they need to prevent long-term psychological harm. 

“Addressing issues like depression, anxiety, and the risk of suicide is an integral part of our collective responsibility,”  he divulged. 

As a social worker himself, Christopher Wever’s commitment to the well-being of the community and the protection  of its most vulnerable members is unwavering. The URSM Candidate is now calling on the Government, the  judiciary, and the public to come together to combat this pressing issue and ensure a safer future for the children of  St. Maarten.