Proselyte Reef/Man of War Shoals Marine Park Marker Buoy Reinstalled at Reef



PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten Group (PSG) would like to inform mariners and other stakeholders that the Proselyte Reef/Man of War Shoals Marine Park marker buoy located south of Port St. Maarten has been reinstalled at the reef. 

The marker buoy was removed on August 23 and returned to its original location at 17 degrees 59.35 minutes North and 063 degrees and 03.68 West.

The repositioning of the buoy was delayed due to wave action caused by the recent passing of Hurricane Lee to the north of the Leeward Islands.

The yellow and black buoy is known as a west cardinal marker with a white flashing light which flashes nine times every 10 seconds at night.

The buoy is located at a key transit route in and out of Port St. Maarten and marks the important protected location of the reef and marine park which is a habitat for different types of fish and coral species. 

Ships are not allowed to anchor or transit and must go around the protected area which is marked by the buoy.