Prosecutor’s Office in Curacao sternly warns against child smuggling



WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao (OM) – The Prosecutor’s Office Curaçao (OM CUR) has noted a marked increase in child smuggling, particularly between Venezuela and Curaçao, which has prompted a stern warning to all involved, including parents and guardians, to desist from this crime.

Smuggled children are between ages four and 15, and they often travel on boats that also carry drugs and firearms.

Child smuggling via boats poses a tremendous risk to the children. The small vessels easily capsize during the crossing, which may result in drowning. The fact that illegal substances and firearms are carried on board puts the lives of this vulnerable group even further at risk.

OM CUR warns the public that child smuggling is a serious violation of the law, one that carries severe penalties. Therefore, such cases will not be taken lightly.

The community is called upon to be vigilant against this kind of crime, to report instances to the authorities and to warn others of the dangers child smuggling poses to the children involved as well as to society.