Police arrest man after double shooting, arson in Rotterdam



Source: Dutch News

Rotterdam police say they have arrested a 32-year-old man on the helipad of the Erasmus teaching hospital, following shootings and arson at the hospital and a nearby private home.

They have not given any more details about the suspect but say his role in the shooting is being investigated. According to the AD, they are not looking for anyone else.

Three people are now known to have been injured in two attacks in the port city. The first incident took place at an apartment on the Heiman Dullaertplein which was then set on fire. Two people were injured there.

The shooter then moved to the Erasmus Medical Centre where one person was shot in a lecture theatre. According to eyewitness reports, this may have been a lecturer.

As yet it is unclear who the victims are and the extent of their injuries, but local media have reported that one person at the apartment has died.  That has not yet been confirmed.

Eyewitnesses described the chaos at the hospital, where students and medical staff were ordered to leave part of the complex where lectures take place. Some patients were also brought outside in wheelchairs and hospital beds.

One office worker, who heard the shots in the lecture theatre told the AD she ran to the car park where she hid in her car. “I’m in shock, it was terrible,” she told the paper.

Police earlier described the shooter, who had a hand gun, as tall, with black hair and in his mid 20s, with a rucksack and wearing headphones.

The police and city officials will give an update at 6.45 pm.