Former Minister of VSA and leader of USP Pamela Gordon-Carty “utterly disgusted” about ongoing child sexual abuse on St. Maarten



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — It’s a damn disgrace to see what St. Maarten has come to. Everyone will just talk about it and then like everything else it dies and goes into a silence mode.

Our children are being abused left, right, and center by family members, fathers, uncles, cousins, stepfathers, teachers, coaches, third parties, and you name it, but yet the only thing we feel is required to do is do as if we care.

Parliamentarians all in the fanfare to look good, making it a talking topic, but yet not making a move to truly show that you mean serious business against the predators that keep walking free as if it’s right what they are doing.

As the leader of the US party, I presented last March 2022, a proposal to reinforce the law against child sexual abuse, and no one in the same Parliament building took it upon themselves to push this through. However, parliamentarians want to put on a charade to make people believe that they care for the people of this country. It’s all games that are being played, and it gotten to be tiresome. I’m not convinced that you mean well for this country. Had they taken this law seriously, now this verdict might have been totally different and justice would have somehow been served.

All you asking for something that is not going to be nice if people start taking the law into their hands to seek justice for their loved ones. Maybe that’s what needs to happen since officials are not doing what they are paid to do.

And all you parents out there, especially the ones that are consenting to this atrocity, be reminded that we are spiritual Lions when it comes to our children. You are supposed to be their protector at all times, not the facilitator of them being abused. When you cooperate and facilitate for a rag to abuse any child, you are not only an accomplice, but you have reached the lowest level of disgrace, repulsiveness, gruesomeness and indignity. You should be punished by the highest law ever existed because you knowingly took away the innocence of a child against their will and in such an atrocious manner.

It is distasteful how this country representative can play a pretentious game while being in the right place to execute and do the right thing by passing laws to actually protect the children and people of this country.

It’s tiresome the games that are being played all over again. Everyone in the heat of the election to look good, but yet your actions speak volumes. No move towards true improvement for the children, elderly, unemployed, youngsters of this country. It’s a damn disgrace.

Actions speak louder than words and for the past 40 years, including these 4 years, it has always been about self-enrichment, self-preservation and abuse to the highest degree. It’s like countries including St. Maarten are promoting all the wrong doings and want people to accept it as being good. Good is considered evil and evil good. Morals are dropping and abuse is on a rise.

This government and all past governments should be ashamed of themselves for having contributed, facilitated and being part of such abuses against our children and people of this country. This has to stop!