Curaçao Government revokes former Governor Saleh’s Title of Minister of State



WILLEMSTAD  (Source: Curacao Chronicle)  – Former governor Jaime Saleh must relinquish his title of Minister of State. This is revealed in a confidential letter from Prime Minister Pisas to Saleh, who is currently in the Netherlands. 

Pisas gives Saleh until September 30th the opportunity to voluntarily renounce the honorary title. If he does not, the government will initiate the process to formally strip him of the title. The highly unusual step is prompted by Saleh’s involvement in the Ennia scandal. He was a commissioner at the insurer during the period when owner Ansary plundered the pension fund.

The community was outraged when it was revealed that the once-considered incorruptible Saleh received nearly 3 million guilders for attending 2 to 3 meetings per year during his commissionership.

In the personal letter, Pisas urges Saleh to exercise “maximum restraint” in his activities in the Netherlands, where he is presented as a Minister of State. Saleh has been invited by the Benelux University Center to speak at a symposium in The Hague on September 22nd, where former Prime Minister Balkenende is also speaking. It is very likely that Saleh will also be a guest at the throne speech on Tuesday (Prinsjesdag).