WITU concerned about CBA

Stuart Johnson, President of the Windward Island Teachers Union (WITU)
Philipsburg — “I am deeply concerned about the situation at the Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA),” remarked Stuart Johnson President of the Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU).
Johnson sent a email correspondence to the board of CBA over the weekend questioning a number of concerns.
One of the most alarming concerns was the situation regarding the Financial support of the CBA.
“What is the situation regarding the Financial advisor of CBA? Has the staff of the CBA been fully informed about this development? Has a contingency plan been put in place? Who is responsible for the financial responsibilities now?” Johnson questioned.
He minced no words in expressing, “if any negative impact happens to the staff or by extension the students, you will bare the full strength of the WITU. I will not take lightly any lack of information or even the semblance of negative effects on the staff.”
Johnson added, “I have requested an urgent meeting with the Board of CBA as ultimately you are responsible for the wellbeing of both staff and students.”
WITU will continue to closely monitor this situation as time progresses further.
“I will leave no stone unturned if anything whatsoever happens to the staff or students,” Johnson concluded.