MP Akeem Arrindell urges VROMI Minister to review road names, directional Signs for Improved Safety



PHILIPSBURG– Independent Member of Parliament, Akeem E. Arrindell, has called upon the Minister of VROMI, Egbert J. Doran, to prioritize a comprehensive review of road names and directional signs across the island. This move comes as concerns about road safety and navigation have risen among constituents and stakeholders.

MP Arrindell’s appeal is driven by the growing urgency to address the state of road infrastructure, specifically road names, directional signs, and their impact on public safety. In a recent statement, the Honorable MP emphasized the critical role that road markings and signs play in regulating traffic and ensuring the security of both drivers and pedestrians.

The aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which devastated the region six years ago, continues to cast a shadow over the island’s road infrastructure. Many road signs, directional indicators, and street names were destroyed or left unrepaired in the wake of the disaster. This situation has raised concerns about emergency response capabilities and overall navigation efficiency.

“One of my concerns is whether or not the government is looking into the possibility of digitally assigning street names,” MP Arrindell pointed out. He further questioned the accuracy of street names and locations on online maps such as Google Maps, suggesting that physical sign boards could serve as a reliable backup in cases of digital inaccuracies.

The need for visible and clear road signage is particularly vital for first responders during emergencies. The MP stressed that properly labelled roads and signs greatly facilitate the swift arrival of emergency services to the correct location, potentially saving lives.

The Honorable MP also raised the issue of road congestion, wrong-way driving, and accidents stemming from the lack of proper signage. Tourists unfamiliar with the roads are especially susceptible to these issues. Therefore, ensuring comprehensive and accurate signage is crucial for the local population and the island’s tourism sector.

Additionally, MP Arrindell highlighted a series of bottlenecks that hinder efficient road navigation. He pressed for prompt attention to the erection, repair, and maintenance of signs and the removal of obstructive vegetation that impairs sign visibility. The MP proposed involving Public Works and the Prison in creating and placing street names and signs to ensure consistent quality and timely implementation.

Concluding his appeal, MP Arrindell underlined the importance of adhering to international standards for road signs and signals, as outlined in the 1973 Vienna Convention. By doing so, the country can uphold a uniform and universally understandable system of road markings and signs, contributing to enhanced road safety and traffic flow.

As the Minister of VROMI, Egbert J. Doran reviews the concerns raised by MP Akeem E. Arrindell, stakeholders and citizens alike eagerly anticipate a strategic overhaul of the island’s road signage and directional indicators. Hopefully, this initiative will ultimately result in safer roads, improved emergency response, and a more efficient navigation experience for both residents and visitors.