Ebenezer Work Group meets with Stakeholders to find a Solution of Traffic Congestion in the Cul de Sac Basin



EBENEZER ESTATE – Ebenezer Work Group met with the Police Department, the MAC school Principal, Transportation Department Representative, St. Maarten Academy & PSVE Representatives and Mr. Lionel Scot and Mr. Ellis landowners, to brainstorm and discuss a solution for the school traffic congestion in the Cul de Sac Basin.

The population and schools in the area have grown over the years and the problem in the Cul de Sac Basin has also grown and become a serious situation which needs to be addressed by all stakeholders and come to a solution.

The Ebenezer Work Group brought forward several points that can ease the school traffic congestion in the Ebenezer Area. It was brought forward that the Ebenezer Homeowners and tenants are very cooperative of keeping the main road of Ebenezer and Walter Plantz Road free of parking their cars on the roadside to ease the traffic flow during the morning between 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

The Ebenezer Work Group also brought forward that the school buses should be driving on L.B. Scot main Road and not on Ebenezer main Road going through Betty Estate, because that also adds to the traffic congestion. They also address the parking of school buses on the roads of Ebenezer.

The landowners and MAC school are cooperative in which they will look at alternative walking routes on their land in order for the school children to get to the school.

This solution will also ease the traffic flow of parents parking on Betty Estate Road which creates a serious bottleneck during school hours.

The landowners, MAC School and the Police Department are very supportive of finding a solution to the school traffic situation.

MAC schools are calling on all parents to park better and cooperate with law enforcement to change their traffic behavior when dropping and picking up their children from school.

The Police Department will discuss internally and have a follow up meeting with all stakeholders based on today’s meeting to present their temporary and permanent solutions to the school traffic in the Cul de Sac Basin.