Chronic Patients Reminded to have sufficient Non-perishable Foods, Medications during this Hurricane season



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — During the hurricane season, patients with chronic, long-term diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, and others who need to follow a specific diet are reminded to ensure that their hurricane kit includes up to two weeks of non-perishable foods that allow them to continue to follow their prescribed diet.

These patients should also have medical supplies and extra medication on hand, and to continue to use them as prescribed by their house doctor or other treating physician during and after the hurricane.

This 2023 hurricane season, as others before, is unpredictable. Without the ability to predict or avoid hurricanes, the community is encouraged to be ready as it is better to prepare and plan well, and have these important/needed items at hand, stored, safe and secure.

The Department of Communication and the St. Maarten Medical Center have created a radio and video Public Service Announcement (PSA) to that effect, reminding the community to be prepared and always have the necessary foods, medication and medical supplies before the start of the hurricane season.

These PSAs can be heard on the Government of Sint Maarten Radio Station 107.9 FM and viewed on its social Media pages (, and, its YouTube channel (@GovernmentofSintMaarten), and other programs broadcasted by DCOMM through its various mediums.

DCOMM and SMMC encourages the public to call, text or pass by family members and friends who take prescribed medications and/or need to follow a specific diet to make sure that they are prepared.

For more information on medication and specific nutritional needs, patients can contact their primary care physician (house doctor).