Brug releases statement on decision to remove black curtains

Richinel Brug


Philipsburg — “As a future candidate of the Unified Resilient Sint Maarten Movement Party (URSM), I am elated with the decision to remove black curtains from our voting booths. This decision attempts to give each and every aspiring candidate for political office an even playing field. There are so many (young) persons who have the interest of this country at heart, who have the will to make changes that will benefit the population, but because of the factor of vote-buying are constantly being overlooked.”

“If we think things are rough now, believe me, it can get a lot worse if we don’t make better choices at the polls on E-Day (election day). It is for this reason that I am urging the citizens of our country, Sint Maarten, to vote with integrity, honesty and courage. In the same manner we expect the fifteen elected Members of Parliament to be honest and vote their conscience, and not be swayed by external financial factors and seek personal enrichment: I would want to encourage and urge you to do the same and vote your conscience come E-Day. We cannot continue to label our political figures as “crooked”, if we as voters act in the same manner. In the end a Parliament is a reflection of its society.”

Brug concluded: “I am asking you to please give those parties (Movement) and individuals like myself across the board, who truly care for this country and have the know-how to move Sint Maarten forward a fighting chance. I honestly believe that with the right parties (Movement) and the right combination of individuals, St. Maarten can once again become one of the best Caribbean islands across all sectors. It is imperative that we start the revival process ASAP, our children are depending on us and we cannot fail them!”