Rollocks Jr, donates School Supplies



Sucker Garden, Sint Maarten — Rollocks Jr. Candidate for the URSM Party has announced, that he is donating Back Packs and school supplies, and stands in solidarity with struggling single mothers and parents, who have difficulty in finding school fees and school supplies on a yearly basis. 

Although parents generally purchase school supplies at the start of the school year, the need for some items, like backpacks, varies with use and daily wear and tear.  

To this end, Rollocks Jr. has started his campaign initiative, by donating 10 school bags and 10 pencil cases to the Upper Princes Quarter Community Council President Leroy la Paix, who received these school supplies to distribute through the Community.

 “This donation not only impacts our students, but our entire school community from our teachers to our parents,” said Rollocks Jr.  “Having school supplies allows our students to be more organized and ready to learn, and this makes it easier for both our teachers and students.” 

He further said that, donations to public schools help all students towards achieving academic success. 

In the meantime, Rollocks Jr is inviting parents to come out to the Belvedere playground on July 30th, 2023 from 4 pm to 7 pm, to enjoy the fun day that will be organized for the kids before starting school. Bouncers and popcorn will be available for the kids. He also encouraging parents who need the help, to register their kids to get their school bags and  pencil case.

“Every child is unique and so are their needs,” said Mr Rollocks Jr. “Buying supplies for children is not as simple as buying products off the shelf. It requires close collaboration with diverse partners to ensure children in our community and all  areas, to  get what they need to improve their lives and education’”

Rollocks Jr would like to thank all sponsors that support this worthy cause.