NV GEBE Hosts Successful General Assembly Focused on Cyber Security and Staff Motivation



NV GEBE recently concluded its highly-anticipated annual General Assembly. The event was held on June 30, 2023, at the Belair Community Center, with an attendance of approximately 200 employees. The event brought together key stakeholders, industry experts, and staff members to discuss critical topics such as cyber security and staff motivation.

The General Assembly served as a platform to connect with employees and reaffirm NV GEBE’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security in an increasingly interconnected and digital landscape. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated and prevalent, the company recognizes the paramount importance of safeguarding its systems, data, and customer information.

During the assembly, Mr. Jean Arnell of Computech shared insights into emerging threats, best practices in cyber defense, the latest advancements in technology, and why it was imperative for NV GEBE to enhance its security measures and implement proactive strategies to counter potential cyber risks.

In addition to cyber security, the General Assembly also focused on staff motivation, highlighting that a motivated workforce is key to achieving organizational excellence. Recognizing the integral role employees play in the company’s success, Lenworth Wilson Jr. emphasized the importance of creating a positive work environment, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, continuous growth and change.

In closing, Mr. Troy Washington, NV GEBE Temporary Manager/Special Representative, discussed the challenges the company faced before his appointment, the repercussions of the cyber attack that targeted the company’s digital infrastructure as well as, the vision and future plans for NV GEBE. Mr. Washington brings a wealth of experience in business and financial management, built upon his passion for sustainable company development.

“The General Assembly was a resounding success, providing us with invaluable insights into cyber security and reinforcing our dedication to maintaining the highest level of data protection,” said Washington. “Furthermore, our focus on staff motivation demonstrates our commitment to fostering a positive and inspiring work environment. We believe that by investing in our employees, we are investing in our future success, to better serve our customers and the community of St. Maarten.”

NV GEBE remains steadfast in its mission to deliver reliable, cost-effective, quality, electricity, water and waste management services in a safe and secure manner, while also, prioritizing the well-being and professional development of the company’s employees.