Julian Rollocks Jr. Hosts Successful Back To School Event 



SUCKER GARDEN, Sint Maarten — On Sunday, July 30th, URSM candidate Julian Rollocks Jr. hosted a successful Back To School Event at the Belvedere Playground. Understanding the importance and value of education, Mr. Rollocks Jr. afforded the children of Belvedere and the wider community an excellent opportunity to engage in an action packed and fun-filled Back To School initiative.

The event, which drew quite a large crowd, included games, music, snacks, food and drinks for all in attendance. Additionally, Mr. Rollocks Jr., who has a consistent and long standing record of philanthropy, donated school supplies in order to ensure that the children would be adequately prepared for the commencement of the new school year.

While the children were actively engaged in a plethora of fun-filled activities, the adults and guardians were afforded the golden opportunity to meet and converse with Mr. Rollocks Jr. about varying economic, political, and social issues that were pertinent to them. 

Towards the ending of the event, a raffle was held whereby one of the lucky children in attendance won a laptop. Not only did the eight year old child win a laptop, but Mr. Rollocks’ Caribbean Institute For Social Education Foundation (CIFSEF) went one step further by providing said child with two months of free computer classes. In closing, he would like to thank all those who attended, as well as, those who were instrumental in assisting with the Back To School event.

Mr. Rollocks Jr. would like to ensure that every student in St. Maarten has an academically prosperous school year and he wishes them all the best in their future endeavors.