Girobank N.V. Report Received and Presented to Curaçao’s Minister of Finance



Girobank N.V. Facts Documented

WILLEMSTAD/PHILIPSBURG – The Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS) recently  received the report of the investigation into Girobank N.V. and has presented it to Curaçao’s  Minister of Finance, Mr. Javier Silvania. The report identifies all the facts that occurred prior to  and during Girobank N.V.’s emergency regulation.

The independent investigation report was prepared by Deloitte Forensic & Dispute Services B.V.  Nederland on behalf of the CBCS and the Country of Curaçao. Deloitte was commissioned in  October 2020 to “investigate the course of events at Girobank N.V. prior to and during the  emergency regulation, including the period leading up to and around the bank run.”  

The report of factual findings does not contain any conclusions or qualifications about the actions  of those involved. However, the CBCS attaches great importance to these carefully documented facts, as they provide valuable and indispensable lessons to be learned. 

The CBCS will now discuss the report internally to determine the next steps.