President of the Supervisory Council of the Integrity Chamber Sworn In 



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Supervisory Council of the Integrity Chamber has sworn in its first president, Mr. Marcolino  Franco. He was appointed by Kingdom Decree per January 1st, 2023 for a term of three years on the  binding recommendation of his fellow members, Mr. Leon Lake and Ms. Sophie van Bijsterveld. 

The Supervisory Council oversees specific activities of the Integrity Chamber. A special task is the  granting of authorization for on-site investigations. The Supervisory Council also handles  complaints against the Integrity Chamber regarding the manner in which it executed its authorities. 

Franco has held various public roles within the Kingdom. He served in Curacao as an Island Council  member, as Commissioner for General Affairs and Political Structure, and as President of  Parliament. He also served as Government Commissioner B.Z.K. in St. Eustatius. Additionally,  Franco was a director of physical therapy practices for over 30 years. 

As the first President of the Integrity Chamber’s Supervisory Council, Franco is committed to  promoting and enhancing the integrity of Sint Maarten. He is pleased to have the opportunity to  work towards the goal of building integrity for the future generations. Franco quoted Mahatma  Gandhi saying, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” For more information about the  Supervisory Council of the Integrity Chamber, visit the website at