Philipsburg – Leader of the URSM Party, Dr. Luc Mercelina says it’s time for a realistic and future Housing Programme for St. Maarten as it forms part of the URSM’s housing policy which seeks to provide for the more vulnerable in society inclusive of addressing social housing as part of the vision.

This program, which is expected to benefit legal citizens employed within the public and private sectors, including senior citizens, young professionals, and people of lesser means is part of that policy  “which goes with the understanding that Government has a responsibility” to provide for those who have greater difficulty fending for themselves.

Dr. Mercelina said that the “St. Maarten Resilient Housing Programme” will see the construction of homes for sale to young professionals, citizens, and Seniors, who are employed within the public and private sectors and are looking to invest in their own home,” He added: “This can then be used for security to build greater wealth which can be transferred to their children and grandchildren.”

Pointing to a number of benefits in the “rent to own” programme, it is unacceptable that people are renting homes in a Government project for over 20 years and still paying rent.

The charismatic Leader of the URSM said, that when elected, the URSM Government will engage in a robust housing construction plan, to implement the Rent to own Concept. This is guaranteed to provide a stable investment that will give the beneficiaries the confidence to expand their finances, invest more, boost the economy, and enable the tenants to live comfortable lives.

The URSM party believes, purchasing a home is a foundational step for building generational wealth and one of the most consistent ways to build a financial foundation for future generations.

 The URSM also believes that proper housing provides security for families and contributes to the strength and progress of communities.

“Over the years, we have heard repeated promises for the building of affordable homes for the working class however to date it remains an empty promise. URSM will break that cycle and ensure that this project forms part of the core immediate works of the next governing period,” Dr. Mercelina concluded.