St. Maarten Police Force Investigating Two Serious Traffic Accidents



The St. Maarten Police Force is actively investigating two serious traffic accidents that occurred on the evening of May 23, 2023. These incidents took place at the junction of Sucker Garden Road and Arch Road, as well as on G.A Arndell Blvd (Link 1).

At approximately 8:15 PM, the police dispatch center received multiple reports of a serious traffic accident on Sucker Garden Road, resulting in two individuals sustaining severe injuries. Immediate action was taken as police officers and ambulance personnel were swiftly dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, our patrol encountered two young men who were seriously injured on the road. Immediate first aid was administered, and both individuals were expeditiously transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center. Initial investigations suggest that a scooter rider and their passenger, along with a red Ford Mustang, were traveling from Sucker Garden towards Philipsburg. The driver of the red car attempted to make a left turn into a car park while being overtaken by the scooter rider, resulting in a collision. Unfortunately, before the arrival of the police, unknown individuals had removed the scooter from the scene, presenting challenges for the ongoing investigation.

Shortly after, at approximately 8:20 PM, the dispatch center received a report of another accident on Link 1, where one of the victims was trapped inside a vehicle. The Police Fire Brigade and ambulance personnel were immediately dispatched to the location. Preliminary findings indicate that the driver of a white Hyundai was ascending the mountain towards the roundabout at Indigo Bay, while a grey SUV was descending. At a certain point, the driver of the white vehicle lost control, leading to a head-on collision with the grey SUV. The Fire Department personnel successfully extricated the victim from the vehicle.

The female victim received immediate on-site first aid before being transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center. Currently, all three victims involved in the two separate accidents remain in a serious but stable condition. The Traffic Department personnel are diligently conducting investigations into these incidents.

The St. Maarten Police Force remains fully committed to ensuring the safety of our community. Updates regarding the progress of the investigations will be provided if deemed necessary.